My name is Brian Bethel. Many years ago, I posted a personal story to a small community of friends on the Internet and on a Usenet newsgroup devoted to sharing ghost stories. It was a small but personally frightening story of my encounter with two young boys in a parking lot - a meeting that still haunts me to this day.

To say that that my relatively simple account has taken on a life of its own is to utter a severe understatement. I have heard from individuals worldwide fascinated by so-called "Black Eyed Kids," aka the BEKs. Reports of encounters with these entities have been presented to me from individuals from diverse backgrounds. But they all have one central theme: an encounter with something both frightening and compelling.

After many years, I have decided to create a small Web site to connect with others who are interested in discussing the BEKs, whatever they may be. In the intervening years since my original story was posted, I have had few satisfactory answers myself.

It has been literally about a decade since I have attempted anything of this nature, so please forgive the crudity of the effort. Expect the site to grow and change in time. Help from anyone interested in this subject who also has knowledge of the current state of HTML would be most appreciated. The last time I had a Web site, a long-lost effort devoted to sharing personal ghost stories, everyone thought Frames were a radical, transformative idea. We've come a long way since then, and I'm afraid I haven't managed to keep up.

You can read about my original encounters with the BEKS here.

Should you have an encounter you would wish to share, you may share it with me by clicking here.

And finally, should you wish to e-mail me, you may do so here.